PRP ve Mezenkimal Kök Hücreler ile 'MSK Rejeneratif Tıp'

Dr. Fabio Gobbi, MD

David G. Simons MD

Dr. Fabio Gobbi completed medical school at the University of Parma (Italy) in 1999, and has specialized in anaesthesiology and intensive care in Turin. He has been working in Turin since 2001 as an anaesthetist and pain therapist specializing in ‘loco regional anaesthesia’ as well as the identification and treatment of peripheral nerve injury/pain using an ultrasound device. Furthermore, Fabio has been teaching ultrasound loco regional anaesthesia since 2006 at the University of Turin., and had lectured internationally about this topic. In 2012 Fabio specialized in ‘MSK regenerative medicine’ with PRP and mesenchymal stem cells, and has been treating myofascial pain and muscular trigger points under US guidance since 2014. Fabio became a DGSA instructor in 2015.

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